bluetone Marketing + Lemonlight Media

As part of our full array of creative services we have partnered with Lemonlight Media in Los Angeles to offer award-winning video production services for crowdfunding, website, corporate and product campaigns.

Work Samples

Lemonlight Media instills core values and ethical standards that create professionalism and creativity within their company and for their clients. Together, we focus on narrative storytelling to produce cinematic images that inspire an emotional response from your audience.

Mini Doc Examples:

Narrative Examples:

Types of Videos:


Mini-Doc style includes a creative call, interview questions, and call sheet during the PreProduction process. The Production lasts five hours at one location provided by the client. The final video includes a mix of Broll of the establishment along side interviews from the owner, staff and customers. The story is heavily crafted in Post Production.


Animation includes a creative call, wire-frame, script, voiceover and animated elements during the PreProduction process. The story is crafted by the animator and involves heavy text and motion graphics. Animation is ideal for explaining complex ideas simply.


Lifestyle videos include a creative call, script, storyboard, and call sheet during the PreProduction process. The Production is eight consecutive hours at two locations that we rent to film your video. We also hire actors and secure locations to demonstrate your product or service on camera. Post Production includes text graphic animation.