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Bluetone Marketing & Public Relations has worked with dozens of VC firms and early finding startups to raise their brand awareness to both the public and investors.

Venture capital firms need PR for three different reasons and the agencies that can help them with that are best for VCs:

"1. Public relations for the partners of the fund to boost their own image and promote them as experts in their field. This will help to raise funds from LP's and boost deal flow with potential investments.

2. Public relations for the fund itself where the media will cover fund related stories such as: The addition of a new star partner, a new fund opening, investments in new portfolio companies, and other achievements such as portfolio companies making an exit or going IPO. This will help the fund gain additional traction with LP's and of course increase deal flow.

3. Public relations for the portfolio companies. The VC market is extremely competitive for deal flow. There are a lot of firms chasing for deals with the hottest, early stage startups, and PR representation and communications strategy is just another service these firms can offer while at the negotiating table. PR is obviously a very important service for the portfolio companies of the VC's. Therefore, many VC's are offering "Full service package" in which their portfolio companies are enjoying top notch PR which is provided by the VC

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Companies tend to be most successful when they tie their vision and objectives to tangible communication strategies and tactics.

A PR campaign is essential for the following reasons:

  • Brand credibility can lead to enhanced deal flow
  • Platform offerings can be additional differentiators in an over-competitive market
  • Firms can achieve better deal terms and structures
  • Teams can leverage brand equity to attract and retain high caliber employees