“Jonathan is a fantastic leader with amazing marketing and PR skills. He offers useful ideas, gives great constructive criticism, and is always on the lookout for new ways to promote Rebecca's House. He has worked with all types organizations like Ossur and it shows. With his creativity, efficiency, and the amount of publicity he's able to get for Rebecca’s House, I'd say he can handle the workload of an entire PR firm all by himself. I would strongly recommend Jonathan and Bluetone Marketing & PR for any marketing and public relations services.”
- Ken Coleman, Director of Marketing & Project Manager, Limekwat Media



"Jonathan is cut out to be in the Public Relations business. When I came across Jonathan, instantly I felt a sense of " I am here to take charge" and that ever contagious enthusiasm. We worked on a number of projects spanning press interviews, international trade shows and organising new briefs, which Jonathan delivered with outstanding precision and integrity."
- Subhash Goswami, Chief Operating Officer, The Cognition Group


“Jonathan is a PR genius. He is a very hard worker and a lot of fun to work with. His friendly demeanor and work ethic made him the go-to guy in the office. It was a true pleasure working with Jonathan."
-Brandon Christopher, Community Outreach Manager, Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

“In five months, Jonathan successfully developed a media plan securing prominent spots in print, radio, and television. His skills are very well rounded as he is very capable of putting together events and producing and editing video as well. He was a great asset to Sovereign Health. Unlike most in the industry, Jonathan is very calm under pressure and can easily handle many projects as once. He is very ethical and loyal making him a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.”
-Roxanne Denise Brooks, Marketing Director, Sovereign Health of California


“I am proud to say I worked for Jonathan Abramson and not only has he been a top-notch superior, he has been a mentor and a friend. He has an easy-going demeanor that belies his vast knowledge of marketing, and he brings out the best in others by empowering them to take ownership of their job and their company. I strongly recommend Jonathan as a shrewd businessman and an adept manager; a man that any company would be lucky to have.”
-Jase Springer, Marketing Manager, Sovereign Health of California


“We've produced creative marketing materials for Jonathan. He's always a pleasure to work with — courteous, professional and knows when to demand results under a tight deadline.”
-Jay Winkler, Partner| Executive VP & Creative Director, Idea Lab, Inc.

“Jonathan enthusiastically handled his responsibilities to market the Free Wheelchair Mission program successfully during his tenure with the non-profit organization. I endorse his professional knowledge and his work ethic.”
-Margaret A. Watkins, Owner Commercial Real Estate


“It is a pleasure to recommend Jonathan Abramson of Free Wheelchair Mission in Irvine, California. As Marketing and PR Director, he played a crucial part in creating successful campaigns and effective collateral materials. He has a high level of creativity, strong communication skills, and computer skills. Jonathan has done great work in a timely matter. We recommend Jonathan Abramson of Free Wheelchair Mission with enthusiasm!
-Bernie Tiano, art director // partner, studio¹³¹

 “Jonathan has a superb work ethic and is very detailed oriented. He's marketing and networking skills are a great asset.”
-Megan Dyer Rebelo, President, PRception

“I’ve worked with Jonathan as a colleague and he was always a superlative member of the team. He has a keen sense of what works best for brands and knows what methods to employ to reach target markets. I would certainly recommend him to anyone ­."